Monday, November 1, 2010

Day before Surgery

Tomorrow will be my second myomectomy with Dr. Topel. I am on a clear liquid diet all day. Dr. Topel thinks that he will need to perform an open abdominal procedure to remove the rest of the fibroids. I am a little scared of the recovery after such a big procedure. I will be taking two weeks off of school to recover. While I was home today on the clear liquid diet, Dr. Beltsos called to check in and wish me luck with the procedure. Shortly after her phone call I heard from Dr. Topel, who had some changes in his plans for the surgery. He was rethinking the need to go in abdominally. He said that he would go in hysteroscopically first to see what things looked like since the first surgery and only open me up if necessary. I am anxious to get the surgery over with and hoping that the less invasive procedure will be the right course of action.

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