Friday, July 2, 2010

Post IVF Consult

Today I had my post IVF consult with Dr. Beltsos. My mom came with me because it was a busy time at work for Greg. Dr. Beltsos said that the cause of the two failed IVF cycles was mostly my uterine fibroids since everything else had looked good. She referred me to a surgeon in Skokie to have my fibroids removed before pursuing any more fertility treatments. I called him as soon as a I left Dr. Beltsos and was able to get in for an initial appointment next week. I am looking forward to getting in to this new doctor to get my fibroids removed and get back to the fertility treatments.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

IVF #2

We started our second fresh IVF cycle at the beginning of June. My medication protocol was pretty similar to the previous cycle with the exceptions of a few medications. It was a lot easier to schedule all of the monitoring appointments with the school year winding down. I had another good response to the stimulation. On June 16th, I went to the River North IVF Center for the egg retrieval. 13 eggs were retrieved. 10 of them fertilized and on June 21st, two blastocysts were transferred. For some reason, I was pretty negative during this "two week weight". I am not exactly sure why. I think that part of it was because I had been so excited during the first IVF attempt and hearing a "no" hurt so badly, that I thought if I didn't get my hopes up another "no" might not hurt as much. Unfortunately, this strategy did not work. On July 1st, we got another negative pregnancy test and it was just as horrible as the first one. I felt very discouraged. We would meet with Dr. Beltsos soon to discuss the negative outcome and the next plan for treatment.