Saturday, January 22, 2011

IVF #3

I went through this third IVF cycle feeling a new sense of hope. My quotes were helping my start out each day in a positive way. I received many comments from family and friends that were enjoying my quotes each day. Greg and I were stronger than ever and really enjoying our time of prayer together each night. My acupuncture sessions were helping with the emotional stress involved in an IVF cycle, as well as the physical side effects from all of the medications. I responded very well to all of the stimulation medications again and my egg retrieval was scheduled for January 14th. Dr. Beltsos retrieved 25 eggs!! This was by far my best response yet. Of the 25 eggs, 22 were mature and 18 fertilized. This was incredible!! Five days later we transferred three beautiful embryos into my uterus. The next day we learned that none of the other embryos were able to be frozen. We were absolutely devastated, but focused on praying that the three embryos that were transferred would make a home inside of me. We would find out the results of this cycle on January 31st. We continued to pray and hope for the best.

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