Sunday, July 8, 2012

The twins have arrived!!

Greg and I are happy to announce the arrival of our twins. The babies arrived on the night of Tuesday, July 3.

             Erin Rose was born at 9:28pm, weighing 6lbs and measuring 19".

John(Jack) Cornelius was born at 9:29pm, weighing 7lbs 1oz and measuring 21".

Both babies were healthy and we were able to take them home with us on Thursday morning. We are so thankful to our GS and her family for caring for our sweet babies these past 9 months and making our dream of having a family come true. Below are some more pictures from our hospital stay.

Our little family
Going home

Thanks to all of our family and friends for the support that was shown to us through our journey to become parents. We can't wait for you to meet our miracle babies.


  1. they are beautiful!!!! congrats, MAMA!!! <3

  2. Congratulations! They look absolutely perfect! Enjoy every second, it goes so fast!