Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dance Party

Since I am not carrying our twins, I don't have daily updates as to how I am feeling or what the babies are doing. However, our surrogate does an amazing job of keeping us updated on milestones she experiences along the way. We are just short of 20 weeks pregnant. Our GS has been feeling movement for awhile.  Tonight I got a text from her that the babies had been really active and that her daughter was the first person to feel movement from the outside. She felt baby girl and said that she must be having a dance party with her brother. :)

Texts like these warm my heart and remind me of how blessed and lucky Greg and I are to have found such a wonderful woman, with a caring and supportive family, to carry our babies. We can't wait to hold our son and daughter in our arms this summer.

The 19 week belly picture is posted below. These babies are growing strong. :)
19 weeks

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  1. What a wonderful time!! They are dancing around in excitement to get home to their mom and dad!! I don't blame them!! They will be in your arms soon - what a fabulous double blessing!!!