Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Surgery #1 post IVF

Dr. Topel performed a hysteroscopic myomectomy on the morning of August 31. It went well. He was able to remove many of the fibroids, but due to my fluid absorption needed to stop before removing all of them. This was similar to what happened when Dr. Beltsos performed the surgery a year ago. We met with Dr. Topel this afternoon to discuss the plans for the next surgery. He showed us some pictures of a "normal" uterus compared to mine before and after surgery. It was evident that he had removed a lot of the fibroids, but there were still more that needed to come out before trying to conceive again. We discussed plans for a second surgery and the possibility of it being an open abdominal procedure in an effort to avoid the fluid absorption problem. We would touch base with Dr. Topel after a normal cycle to start scheduling the necessary appointments prior to the second surgery. When you are going through infertility, it seems like the entire time is filled with waiting...waiting for the next appointment, waiting for the next cycle, waiting to find out the next plan of treatment, waiting to talk to the doctor, and here we were again faced with more waiting. We are anxiously awaiting this next surgery so that we can try an Embryo Transfer with our one frozen embryo.

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